The Roo classroom is geared for children who range in age from 12 months to 3.5 years.  The program hours are Monday-Friday from 9:00-3:00 for the school year.  The classroom is staffed with a 4:5 ratio (with the class never exceeding 5 children), and includes a classroom environment in which children are exposed to individualized instruction in a 1:1 setting, small group or full group setting. 


The Roo child is a young, newly, or fairly newly, diagnosed child who has typically not had previous exposure to intervention – especially intensive intervention.  The child may range in skills from non-vocal to vocal, but typically has a delay in language abilities.   The child may enter into the program with behavioral challenges experienced by the family that are beyond the “typical” reactions seen in other children that age.  The Roo child may range in self-care (e.g. toileting), and social abilities, but there usually is a delay in these areas for each child as well.  In addition, play for the Roo child may not be as developed as what may be seen in most children that age.  As with most young children, the ability to participate in a group is challenging, but may be more so intensified for the child entering the Roo program.

The Roo child will experience an individualized program based on on-going assessment that will address the core issues mentioned, as well as any other issues specific to that child.

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