Eagles classroom centersThe Eagles classroom is geared for children ages 3-7 who have a diagnosis of autism or language delay, or exhibit the symptoms of those diagnoses.  The program is Monday-Friday from 9:00-3:00.   A child entering the Eagles setting may have moderate to appropriate skills in language, but often is affected with some delay in this area.  Language, though limited, is often spontaneous in the Eagle’s group.

A child in the Eagle’s group may exhibit behavior challenges beyond what is typically seen in same age peers without a disability.  A child in the Eagle’s classroom often has evident social awareness, but difficulties with peer interaction and other social skills.  Play skills are often moderate to appropriate, but may deteriorate if a social component is added to them.

A child in the Eagle’s classroom typically experiences small and whole group activities throughout the entire day.    The focus of the Eagle’s classroom is to increase group responding skills, replace problem behavior with more functional skills, learn to navigate the classroom and center Eagles roomindependently, and then transition from The Learning Lane to another setting.

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