The Bees classroom is geared for children ages 3-7 who have a diagnosis of autism or language delay, or exhibit the symptoms of those diagnoses.  The program is Monday-Friday from 9:00-3:00 for the school year.

A child entering the Bees setting may have limited to moderate use of language and communication skills and be moderately aware of their physical and social environment.  A child in the Bees may speak in 1-3 words, though may not be very spontaneous with their speech.  Articulation problems may also accompany a Bee child.  A child in the Bees also may have emerging but limited play skills, and difficulty engaging in appropriate social skills.

Often times a child in the Bees classroom exhibits behavioral challenges that are above and beyond what is seen in same age peers without a disability.  A child in the Bees classroom typically experiences several small group and whole group beneficial learning experiences, with a portion of the day in 1:1 instruction.  The focus of the Bee classroom is a transition to larger group instruction, increasing social skills with peers, replacing problem behavior with more functional skills, and improving clarity and spontaneity of speech.

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