As part of The Learning Lane’s commitment to provide effective treatment to individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders diagnostic evaluations are offered for those with suspected or known Autism Spectrum Disorder diagnoses to confirm or rule out an Autism Spectrum Disorder diagnosis or to update other assessment information.

In our comprehensive Autism Spectrum Disorder evaluations we utilize the “gold standard” assessment tools: Autism Diagnostic Observation Scheduled, Second Edition (ADOS-2), and the Autism Diagnostic Interview-Revised (ADI-R), in addition to a diagnostic interview and  several other informal assessments (BASC-3, CARS2, ABAS-3, ASRS).


Q: Who conducts the evaluations?

A: Each evaluation begins with a diagnostic interview and observation conducted by a licensed psychologist.  The other portions of the evaluation are conducted by our Clinical Director, who has extensive training and experience with the ADOS-2 and ADI-R.

Q: How long does an evaluation take?

A: The evaluation is split into 3 different visits: Diagnostic Interview and Observation (30 minutes), ADI-R (3-6 hours), and the ADOS-2 Administration (1 hour).  Additionally, there will be requirements for completing detailed questionnaires.  Please note that the actual assessment times vary based on the individual.

Q: If Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is recommended following the evaluation, does The Learning Lane provide these services?

A: The Learning Lane offers ABA services at all of our locations, and enrollment is based on current openings.

Q: Who do I contact to start the assessment process or get additional information?

A: Please contact our Director of Operations Kristina Operchuck kristina.operchuck@thelearninglane.com