About Us

The Learning Lane is a private pay center for children with autism. We also work with your Insurance Companies to get services covered. The Learning Lane’s staff provides a broad continuum of direct services, information and support in the areas of behavior, basic learning, cognitive, self-help, motor, and language development.

Our Mission

The mission of our center is to make every child feel triumphant in some way every day by providing a positive childhood experience.

Our Vision

The Learning Lane’s intent is to be recognized by their clients, staff and referral sources as an effective provider of services for children with autism. We hope to realize this intent by building an environment in which: services are consumer driven; the highest caliber of staff are retained; diversity is valued; expectations are high; rewards are evident; and outcomes are visible.

The Learning Lane’s philosophy on Education

The Learning Lane is an Applied Behavior Analysis Center serving children ages from 1 to 7 years of age with autism. The Learning Lane recognizes that children with special needs and those with typical needs benefit immensely from shared growth and learning experiences. By learning and playing together, children learn about differences in abilities and talents, and background experiences that create the rich diversity of our society. Inclusion provides a challenging, enlightening, and motivating environment for all children. Our intake process is individualized to insure that each child is placed in an environment where they will learn and grow.

At The Learning Lane Clinic our children participate in small group instruction and intensive 1:1 teaching. At The Learning Lane at The Woodlands Young Learners and The Learning Lane at Linder, our clients receive a combination of inclusion services and 1:1 instruction.